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My morning class was weird today. Only 3 out of 6 people showed up, including me. My teacher asked us to make a video for a commercial. It could be anything we wanted, and this one guy said we should make a goofy commercial about the school. I wanted to be the director so I learned how to use the camera my teacher brought in. The guy who came up with the idea was the narrator. In the commercial, he said things like "IADT has colorful halls, clean facilities, high tech equipment, etc. with a sarcastic tone." It was funny, especially when we shot the bathroom scene. Imagine me walking into the men's bathroom, holding a video camera. Haha! This one guy came in, and asked "You're not gonna film me taking a shit are you?" Haha! The bathroom scene was for the "clean facilities" part. When the narrator said that, I zoomed in the hole in the toilet. Now that I think of it, I wish I had flushed it after I zoomed in to add more effect.

We have this old guy, who has worked in storyboarding for years, come in the class every now and then. He must be in his late 70's. Today, he showed us some photos that he took for ads a long time ago. I thought this one thing he said was funny....

Old guy: This is a photo I took for a car ad. Back then, you would have an image of the product, and there would usually be a happy couple in the shot as well. A lot of times, we hired actors from that location to be in the shot. This particular ad was done in San Francisco. Here we see a man and a woman dancing next to a car. I remember we looked at several male actors to be in the shot, and we hired this guy because he looked really macho. Then, on the first day of shooting, he showed up on set with his boyfriend." Haha!

Flash class sucks. It's like listening to Ben Stein for 3 hours. No one is learning a single thing about this program that we all desperately need. Therefore, we are going to have to learn everything from tutorials and books. He is assigning our midterm next week, and it will be due week 7. Only one good thing happened in the class, and, trust me, it was good. During class, James Bennett, a teacher who is known for being very outgoing and funny, came in the class because he was bored or something. Here's what he said...

James: You know Dick Patterson's (another teacher) guitar was stolen?!
Class: Really????
James; Yeah, it's ok, though, because it turns out the student that took it is on medication for something mental, and he was under-medicated at the time. He returned the guitar later on.
Class: Oh, that's good.
James: Yeah, but can you imagine what other students would have done to the kid, if he had purposely stolen Dick's guitar?
James: Dick has, like, a posse of students who would do anything for him. A lot of kids worship him.
James: Everybody loves Dick!!!

A few guys had strange looks on their faces like "Uhh, I don't love dick." It was so funny.

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